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Project Team    
If your company want to control the project very well, you must have a excellent project team. Our company have the team.
Our project team is composed by some experienced project engineers, they know how to control the whole project, and they will give the weekly report to customers in each week. Through this team, our customers don't need stay at our company, but they can get the best project. 
Our project team has many advantages compare with other company's project team. 
I.  Our each project engineer has very rich mold manufaturing knowledge;  
II. Meanwhile each one of this team has very good reading capability for the
    mold construction;  
II. Each one can use the engineering software very well, and also he is a good  
    mold designer;  
IV. The most important advantage is that their english and communication skill  
      are very well. Each one of this team can communicate with our client very  
      smooth without the sales, he can convey our customers' requirements to
      the makers very timely and exactly.  
This team cooperating with the quality team make our every project complete very smoothly with high quality in the shortest time.



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