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Design Team    

The mold drawing is the most important for each mold, any good mold is based on a good drawing, our designing engineers have very rich experience in the mold designing field, each engineer has worked in this field many years and has designed many different kinds molds, they always use their rich experience and responsibility to analyse and optimise each part drawing from our clients to reduce the probable risk. They can provide many good suggestions to customers and our mold makers.

Their efficiency are very high, and their requirment reading capability are also very well. They can use the shortest time to design the customers satisfied drawings. Each one of this team knows Hasco and DME standard very well, meanwhile they can use many engineering software very well.


We generally use software as below,

  * Auto CAD

  * Solidworks

  * Unigraphics NX

  * Catia

  * Moldflow




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